The Best Hood

"Proficiency can be gained, maintained, or lost. Once aquired, it cannot be stored in a log book." — Bill Weder

Hood in flight Pilot wearing hood Hood folded and unfolded

The Best IFR Hood

Made in the USA by an 11,500-hour CFII-ATP-SEL-MEL pilot

The aviation standard for over 15 years and it weighs LESS than an ounce!


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This is the best deal in all of aviation. Start with this hood and forget trying all the others. Save your money for other supplies, or try the other hoods and spend a lot of money to learn The Best Hood™ IS the best!

(Some pilots laugh at The Best Hood™ when they first see it. After they have tried it, they laugh at all the others.)

The Best Hood™ is used by pilots during flight training to simulate flying in the clouds and only being able to use the flight instruments as references to control the plane. It is also used with flight simulators to prevent distractions from around the room.

The Best Hood™ is the lightest, most comfortable, and best-priced IFR (instrument flight rules) training visor available.

Weighs less than 1 ounce (28 grams) so it can be worn with comfort for long periods of time. Though it looks long, the end is only 3.5 inches (9 cm) from the tip of your nose, reducing the "tunnel vision" feel of some hoods, yet it still keeps students from peeking out and "cheating".

Can be converted into a short sun visor when flying directly into the sun is necessary.

Folds to fit in your shirt pocket, flight case, knee board or the side pocket in the plane.

Constructed of stiff cardboard, The Best Hood™ can be sat on, driven over, and stepped on when all other hoods would be destroyed.

Voted "The Best" by The Aviation Consumer Magazine, The Best Hood™ has been sold to pilots all around the world.

Accepted by the FAA for check rides. Designed by an 11,500 hour ATP-CFII-SEL-MEL rated pilot with over 6,000 hours giving dual instruction and over 23,000 take-offs & landings

Most importantly, it can always be around when needed and is the most important safety tool you will ever use in your plane.